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A program of the magnitude charted by FCCC relies on donated supplies, equipment, medical services and many other resources. We welcome your contribution.

If you are interested in donating using your credit card you can do it online using our secure on-line form.

Or if you would prefer, you can click here to download a contribution form and mail your check today to FCCC.

What will the donation go towards?

Your donation will assist with the following costs:

$180   Sponsor a Student
$79   Traps large enough to temporarily board Ferals
$75   Cages
$40   Caretaker Workbook
$40   Off the Shelf Shelters - Holds 3 cats
$20   Feeds 5 Cats for 7 Days

In Kind Donations

If you would prefer to donate items, we can always use:

Traps we use the 36" Rear Loading Style
Food wet/dry we can use anything
Kinkos or other Printing Gift Cards
Suppliments (need real list)

(How would this work, do they distribute/lend out to caretakers?)

TEL. 310-820-4122
P.O. BOX 491244 LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-9244
501(c)(3) ID# 954781600



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