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If you ever been touched by the plight of a feral cat or kitten and would like to do something to help - There are thousands of families of feral cats and kittens living in our cities and neighborhoods without proper nourishment, no population control in place and no feral cat caretaker. Their only chance for survival is the combination of TNR (trap, neuter and return) and a dedicated, responsible person to care for them and rescue the kittens from the colonies!

You can provide us with the opportunity to create sheltering, feeding stations purchase bedding, supplies for trapping, carriers for the kittens, post-surgical care and veterinary care and medications. Once the cats have been spayed and neutered, the lifetime of caring for them rests in the hands of a caring person. The needs of feral cats and kittens are great, as they try to survive in circumstances beyond their ability to do so!

Give them all a chance to survive and be cared for.

We now accept donations via Paypal:

___ Honorary Caretaker - $500.00 - provide support for a feral cat colony
___ Significant Caretaker - $250.00 - provide support for food
___ Dedicated Caretaker - $100.00 - provide for colony supplies, feeders
___ Adopt a feral cat colony - $_____ - provide for shelters and bedding
___ For the many other responsibilities and costs in rescuing kittens
___ Provide support for the ongoing veterinary bills for kittens, injured and elderly of in need of special care.

You can donate through our secure on-line form with a credit card, Check, Paypal or print out a form and mail in your payment.

Feral Cat Caretakers' Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit, so all donations are tax-deductible.

We are grateful for any contributions and thank you, in advance, for your kind consideration of the homeless cats and their kittens.

Dona Cosgrove Baker
President and Founder
Feral Cat Caretaker

TEL. 310-820-4122
P.O. BOX 491244 LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-9244
501(c)(3) ID# 954781600



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