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Without volunteers a program of the magnitude charted by FCCC would not be possible. We rely 100% on the dedication and assistance of our volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer there are many areas in which we could use your assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity you can fill out this on-line form.

Or if you prefer, you can download this application form and mail it to us. Be sure to mention if a specific opportunity interests you.

You can also send us an e-mail letting us know you are interested.

Involvement Opportunities

  • Graphic Designer - Assist in designing flyers, brochures and other publications.
  • Fundraiser - Help come up with new ideas for events, call potential donors, or attract donations.
  • Administrative Volunteer - Return or answer daily calls, mailings, and general office-type responsibilities.
  • Public Relations - Work with the media, write press releases, spread the word and attract interest for events such as the Workshop and Walkathon.
  • Caretakers with Yards - People who have yards where feral cats can be relocated are always needed. We will fully explain the process and assist in ensuring that once the cats are relocated they remain in the area.
  • Fostering - Young kittens who are found living on the street are usually removed and need a good safe home to stay in until they are adopted.
  • Caretaker Substitute - When a caretaker cannot make it out to their colony others need to be called upon to make sure the cats are looked after.
  • Adoption - Assist with transportation, as well as with the event itself.
  • Help with Events - Help plan, set up, and publisize events such as the Workshops and Walkathon.


TEL. 310-820-4122
P.O. BOX 491244 LOS ANGELES, CA 90049-9244
501(c)(3) ID# 954781600



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